Adelina Bichis

Film Editor

O Lago (The Lake)

31 min, HD, color, stereo

Two friends embark on a journey towards the lake, towards themselves.

Pablo Malter, Chandra Malatitch, Miguel Borges

Writer, Director & Producer: André Marques
Cinematographer: Rui Xavier
Editor: Adelina BichiÈ™
Sound Designer: Filip Mureșan
Original Music: Jozef Aleksander Pedro

Jury Prize Award at 1as Lisbon Film & Video Arts Fest (Portugal)


1as Lisbon Film & Video Arts Fest (Portugal)
CineFest – International Festival of Young Filmmakers (Hungary)
2morrow International Festival of Contemporary Cinema (Russia)
VHS Video Basement at “The Hand & Racquet” (UK)
III Mostra de Curtas Video Experimental Setúbal (Portugal)
Fantasporto – Oporto International Film Festival (Portugal)
Sines World Music Festival (Portugal)
Cineclube do Porto/Breyner85 (Portugal)
XII Festa do Teatro – Setúbal (Portugal)
Cine//B Film Festival (Chile)

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