Adelina Bichis

Film Editor

This Film is Meant to be about Stokely Carmichael

35 min, HD, colour, Stereo Dolby Pro Logic

Having spent years surrounding herself with white middle class culture, filmmaker Isis Thompson asks herself why making a film about her cousin, 60’s Black radical Stokely Carmichael, is such a battle? Is it because, as some say, she isn’t very good at being Black? If so how can she improve? And what is being Black anyway?
A humorous journey which takes us from leafy North London to the wilds of County Cork in a bid to understand the nature of sex and race in 21st century Britain.

Director, Producer & Cinematographer: Isis Thompson
Production Manager: Anna Proctor
Editor: Adelina BichiÅŸ
Sound Recordists: Caroline Singh, Henry Dyer
Sound Designer: Jay Price
Composer: Alcyona Mick

Quadrangle Film Festival (UK)
Free Zone Film Festival (Serbia)

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