Adelina Bichis

Film Editor

Strange Occurrences in a Small Irish Village

80 mins, colour, Dolby Surround

An apparition of the Virgin Mary. A multi-million euro restoration project. A plane full of American pilgrims en route. Thousands of faithful seeking a miracle. Strange Occurrences in a small Irish village explores the big question of faith, in a small Irish village.
One dark evening in 1879 in the town of Knock, Ireland, fifteen villagers claim to witness a vision of the Virgin Mary. After two official inquiries, the village was declared a Marian Shrine. Today, Knock’s 2,000 residents welcome over one million pilgrims annually.
Father Richard has a vision of his own – to bring Knock into the twenty-first century. The charismatic, outward-looking Parish Priest is on a mission to entice new transatlantic visitors via Knock Airport.
With references to “the scandals”, falling church attendances, and the modernisation of the shrine and the village itself, Strange Occurrences in a small Irish village presents a timely reflection on the position of the Church in modern Ireland. For the faithful it celebrates a beacon of spiritual hope; for sceptics it opens an enticing window on an anachronistic but thriving world.

Director: Aoife Kelleher
Producer: Rachel Lysaght
Cinematographer: Cathal Waters
Editing: Adelina Bichis
Music: Hugh Rodgers
Production Co.: Underground Films, RTÉ, Broadcasting Authority of Ireland, Shoot for the Moon, BORD SCANNÁN NA HÉIREANN / THE IRISH FILM BOARD

Underground Films © 2016