Adelina Bichis

Film Editor

The Pride of Wade Ellison

25 min, RED camera, color, Dolby Surround

The Pride of Wade Ellison is a period western which tells the story of the strained relationship between a father and son as they face injustice
and fight to gain each other’s respect.

Tim Bentinck, Elliot James Landgridge, Howard Lee, Liam McMahon, Michael Lindall, Michael Magnet

Director: Sean Branigan
Producer: Ali Rumani
Director of Photography: Ben Baily
Production Designer: Chloe Kletsa
Editor: Adelina BichiÅŸ
Sound Designer: Jay Price
Composer: Lennert Busch
SFX: Bence Varga
Colour Grader: Andrew Scattergood

Festivals & Awards
Winner of “Verna Fields Award in Sound Editing for Student Filmmakers” at Golden Reel Awards
Student Film Festival London (UK)

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