Adelina Bichis

Film Editor


75 mins, colour, mixed footage (currently in post-production)

Nathalie Moellhausen is strikingly beautiful, ambitious Italian fencer determined to win gold at the Olympics. Trained to overachieve since childhood by her eccentric father and renowned coach, Nathalie begins to thrive, but the script of success is fragile. Torn between the demon of passion and her parents expectations, the unrestrainable need to overcome her limits and the one to fit in a society that celebrates winners, the joy to perform for the sake of it and the urgency to get an audience, Nathalie is unsettled by fears of failure that loom just behind her mask.
Combining footage shot with a detached empathy, family archives and Nathalie’s video confessions, the film follows her unpredictable journey for a period of seven years. Touché is a humoristic and kaleidoscopic portrait of a woman emblematic of our time; It is a haunting tale of a desire for fame that becomes a driving force and yet threatens to extinguish self-realisation.

Director: Martina Moor
Producer: Laura Bari
DOP: Beniamino Barrese
Editing: Martina Moor, Adelina Bichis
Sound: Michele Braga
Production Co.: Beso Film

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