8 min, colour, Dolby Surround

Ultra-rich vs. poverty stricken, white vs. black: these contradictions – a result of slavery’s long history – tear Brazilian society apart to this day. Full of nostalgia, wealthy Bethania Wanderley (Maeve Jinkings) returns to her family estate and former sugar plantation. A conflict awaits her: having taken over the land, the former plantation workers also want the sugar cane mill, to turn it into a slavery museum. Wanderley refuses to relinquish the family property and continues her almost colonial lifestyle. This brings her into direct conflict with workers’ leader Zé, but also with her own past and deep-seated prejudices.

Maeve Jinkings, Dandara de Morais, Magali Biff, Zé Maria

Writer, Director & Producer: Renata Pinheiro & Sérgio Oliveira
Producer: Letícia Friedrich, Lourenço Sant’Anna
Cinematographer: Fernando Lockett
Editor: Adelina Bichis
Sound Design: Manuel de Andrés, Adelina Bichis
Music: Guile Martins, Julia Zakia
Art Director: Renata Pinheiro
Production Co: Aroma Filmes & Boulevard Filmes

Critics Award (Prêmio da Crítica) in Festin Lisboa Film Festival (Portugal)
Best Film & Best Actress for Maeve Jinkings in CineFestRN (Brazil)

Rotterdam International Film Festival (Netherlands)
Rio International Film Festival (Brazil)
41ª Mostra Internacional de Cinema Sao Paolo (Brazil)
Festin Lisboa Film Festival (Portugal)
CineFestRN (Brazil)
Festival Cinematográfico Internacional del Uruguay (Uruguay)
Sao Paulo International Film Festival (Brazil)
Aruanda Fest (Brazil)
X Janela Internacional de Recife (Brazil)
Festival Internacional de Cinema da Fronteira (Brazil)
Agenda Brazil 2018 (Italy)

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