14 min, HD, colour

When his first love Joanna is killed at a local train station, average school boy Callum struggles to cope with feelings of guilt, grief and fear. Finding himself increasingly isolated and with the police starting to ask questions, Callum must look for the courage to do the right thing.

James Tarpey, Alice Harding, Robert Glaser

Director: Michael van der Put
Writer: Ben Goodman
Producer: Mark Duffield, Jonathan Martin, Daniela Peleanu Hardie, Virginia Roncoroni
Cinematographer: Pablo Rojo
Editor: Adelina Bichis
Original music by: Daniel Elms
Sound Designer: Jay Price

Van d’Or for Best Film, Best Director and Best Actor at the Van d’Or Awards (UK)
Avid Award Best Editing and Best Short Film in Kurzundschoen (Germany)
Best Editing Award in Cinemaiubit International Film Festival (Romania)
Best UK Short Film in East End Film Festival (UK)
Golden Palm for Best Foreign Short Film in Mexico International Film Festival (Mexico)
Best Film and Best Director in Newport International Film Festival (Wales, UK)
Best Drama Award in Inspire Film Festival (UK)
Best Drama Award
in Screentest Film Festival (London, UK)
Best Student Film
in ECU European Independent Film Festival (Paris, France)
Nominated for Best Drama and Best Screenplay at Exposures Film Festival (Manchester, UK)
Nominated for Newcomer Award in Rushes Soho Film Festival (UK)

Skena Up International Student Film and Theatre Festival (Kosovo)
UK Film Festival (London, UK)
British Shorts Festival (Berlin, Germany)
Student Film Festival London (UK)
ECU 7th European Independent Film Festival (France)
5th Geneva Film Festival (USA)
18th Bradford International Film Festival (UK)
British Independent Film Festival (UK)
Inspire Film Festival (UK)
East End Film Festival (UK)
Rushes Soho Film Festival (UK)
Portobello Film Festival (UK)
Encounters Short Film Festival – Bristol (UK)
Cambridge Film Festival (UK)
Hamptons Film Festival (USA)
Newport International Film Festival (Wales, UK)
Cinemaiubit International Film Festival (Romania)

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