35 min, HD, colour, Stereo Dolby Pro Logic

Having spent years surrounding herself with white middle class culture, filmmaker Isis Thompson asks herself why making a film about her cousin, 60’s Black radical Stokely Carmichael, is such a battle? Is it because, as some say, she isn’t very good at being Black? If so how can she improve? And what is being Black anyway?
A humorous journey which takes us from leafy North London to the wilds of County Cork in a bid to understand the nature of sex and race in 21st century Britain.

Director, Producer & Cinematographer: Isis Thompson
Production Manager: Anna Proctor
Editor: Adelina Bichiş
Sound Recordists: Caroline Singh, Henry Dyer
Sound Designer: Jay Price
Composer: Alcyona Mick

Quadrangle Film Festival (UK)
Free Zone Film Festival (Serbia)

NFTS © 2011